All about me

I work from home in my garden studio in a small village in West Sussex.  My morning commute takes about a minute - less if it's raining!

After a career in advertising, public relations and journalism, I decided to switch to my first love, illustration.   I work in watercolour, pencils and ink because I prefer their flexibility.  

I took a diploma course in Children's Book Illustration at the London Art College, passing with a Merit, and since then I have taken on a series of commissions, some of which are showcased here. 

I'm currently working on a children's book called Tom's Whistle, by acclaimed writer Christopher Kenworthy.  This exciting story tells of a magic bosun's call whistle which has the power to transport young Tom into the heart of the Battle of Trafalgar. Scary stuff - especially for the illustrator, who is required to depict 19th century warships!  Quite a challenge for me,  more used to drawing and painting childen, animals and plants...   You can see the early results in my Book and Other Media Illustrations Gallery.